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Welcoming Words by Sir Tony Atkinson (1944-2017)

"I am very pleased to hear about the INET Young Scholars Plenary and the success of the Inequality Working Group.  It is excellent that the Group has attracted so many young researchers from around the world.  When I started working on inequality and poverty in the mid-1960s, one could probably have accommodated in one small room all the economists actively engaged on researching the topic.  That today there is so much interest is heartening, and I hope that the interest leads in turn to serious attempts to tackle this urgent problem of social justice."

Facilitating Student Research in Inequaltiy
March (date to be announced) (12pm EST)
Webinar: Dedication to Sir Tony Atkinson (1944-2017).
The group will reflect on Atkinson his legacy within the field of inequality studies. We will be joined by Salvatore Morelli (Oxford), who has worked closely with Atkinson over the past years. We encourage students to send in a 2min summary in remembrance of Atkinson his work. More details will be announced soon.
April 27th (3 pm UTC/11 am EDT )
Webinar: Commitment to Equity with Nora Lustig.
Topic: Fiscal Policy, Inequality and Poverty in Low and Middle Income Countries
The Commitment to Equity (CEQ) was designed to analyze the impact of taxation and social spending on inequality and poverty in individual countries, and provide a roadmap for governments, multilateral institutions, and nongovernmental organizations in their efforts to build more equitable societies. Directed by Nora Lustig, the CEQ is a joint project of CIPR and the Department of Economics at Tulane University and the Inter-American Dialogue.
Details will follow soon!

2-minute reads of the latest academic papers and books on inequality. Read and contribute to the series to stay on top of the academic literature.

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