Inequality Working Group Organizers
Hi everybody! I am Tahnee Ooms a PhD candidate at the University of Oxford and INET-Oxford. My research sets out to identify mechanisms through which capital incomes feed back into rising overall income and wealth inequality. Looking forward to engage in interesting discussions with YSI inequality scholars!
Hi! I am Farah Khan currently working as a Research Analyst with the World Bank country office in Islamabad. During my Masters at New York University I wrote a dissertation on domestic institutional quality and income inequality and developed an interest in the political economy of inequality. I hope to do a PhD in the topic in the near future.I am excited to be part of the IWG and look forward to diverse global perspectives and interesting discussions on inequality. Cheers!
Sarah Thomas is at NYU . She studies economic thought and economic education, but has a strong side interest in inequality and is thinking of building course material for an inequality course for undergrads. She informally initiated the inequality group a few years ago.
Ciao a tutti ragazzi! I am Marco Ranaldi, PhD student at the Paris School of Economics and teaching assistant at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, where I am currently teaching applied statistics. My main research topics are the theory of income distribution and the political business cycle, both from a purely theoretical perspective.
Ciao! I am Giacomo, and I am currently an MPhil candidate in Economic and Social History at the University of Oxford. Previously, I studied economics at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, where I got the chance to work for the Historical Household Budgets Project ( ) and got in love with economic history. My work at the moment focus on measuring and understanding wellbeing, poverty and inequality in the past: my current projects are on Fascist Italy. I really like the id
Marc Morgan attended the INET Paris conference, as well as, the YSI Budapest Plenary where he presented his research on top incomes in Brazil. He is currently in his second year of a PhD at the Paris School of Economics.
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