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Global Inequality Research

The programme will directly address current concerns about rising inequality and its impacts; yield important insights into the drivers of increasing inequality and its effects; and identify a coherent set of responses aimed at promoting inclusive growth and prosperity. While primarily focused on the currently rich countries, it will seek to incorporate key trends in, and implications for, those seeking to join them, most importantly China and India.

Inequality and Prosperity (INET-Oxford)

EQUALITAS is a group of researchers most interested in the analysis of inequality and poverty in a wide sense, thus including theoretical discussions of relevant measurement issues, empirical studies on income distribution in a variety of countries, evaluation of social and labour market policies and the study of equity in the labour market, among other things.

The group aims to develop good research expertise in the field by stimulating high quality research, organizing some research activities such as international workshops or seminars, training young researchers and facilitating access to the most recent results for a wide research community and for policy makers.

Researchers are placed at a variety of Spanish Universities and all of them currently contribute to a coordinated research project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Equalitas - Economic and Poverty Analysis (Spain)

CEDLAS is a research center that specializes in the empirical study of distributive, labor and social issues in Latin America.

CEDLAS - Distributive, Labour and Social Studies  (Universidad Nacional de la Plata, Argentina)

Research at SOFI is focused on four major areas where social institutions shape individual living conditions and life chances – institutions related to labour markets, welfare states, families, and gender. Our work is characterized by theoretically informed empirical analyses of questions having scientific as well as practical importance. Both economists and sociologists strive for international recognitions and competitiveness in their own disciplines. We submit our research to major journals and participate in leading international research networks within their disciplines.

Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI)
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